Sunday, September 19, 2010

Currently Hiring & Looking For Media Partners

Hey Everyone,

The French Flamingo is currently hiring, if you want the chance to work as an organizer, idea presenter etc, and have an invite to every party, just fill out this form.


Stardoll User:

Skype? (if you have it please leave your user):

Any Experience? (Have you worked for any blogs, groups previously or currently? Please leave a link.)

Do you do graphics? (if you do please leave a sample.)

Preferred job?

Apply in comments!


Media Partners

A media partner will basically advertise all of The French Flamingo's parties by making a post about them and advertising the parties on their blog. In return we will host any of your parties here at FF. 

To apply, contact me on Stardoll (missricopenguin) or skype (kylie.xx) with your blog address and number of followers. 

Thank you!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sugar-filled party!

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Tired of doing homework? Then this is the party for you! Sugar Magazine is owned by tallulahlula and is releasing their September issue here in the FF.Nightclub account! I'm sure its going to be a blast!
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Oh and dont forget about Erin's Red Carpet Extravaganza party! Just remember to message x-optimistic-x for your invite then request FF.Nightclub! This will be an elegant and superb night!!


This Week's Party

Remember to message x.optimistic.x for your invite and then to request the account FF.Nightclub!
 It should be a great night. 


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Party at Stardoll Fashion Tv

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Stardoll Fashion TV is a brand new fashion blog brought to you by queen-of-mean. and they are having their grand opening this Friday. It'll surely be a great night, especially if you have just spent the past week at school!